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"I can highly recommend Apu as a guide. I climbed Aconcagua with him in December 2006 and received very excellent service, and close attention to our health and comfort..."



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Message: Holmes Pantoja, a/k/a The Man with the Golden Adz, is hands down the best guide in the business. Holmes made our most recent trip to the Cordillera Blanca an unforgettable experience. For the trip Holmes handled all logistical issues, including domestic flights within Peru, arranging for a chef, mules and all other niceties to make a strenuous climb of Vallunaraju and Tocllaraju (we summited both peaks) that much more enjoyable. Not only did he handle everything with ease, his guiding skills are second to none. At no point on this trip did I feel that anything was askew. Holmes is professional (taking safety and client well being very seriously), skillful, level-headed, down to earth, has a wonderful sense of humor and is full of patience. Not even a local strike, which would have derailed a trip with any major US guiding service, prevented us from losing any momentum. Holmes executed the entire trip with the utmost professionalism and flawlessness that I am positive I will never have a better climbing experience except when I do it with him again which will be in the very near future!

Date: September 2nd, 2009
Name: Robert Sommers
Location: USA

Message: I like nature and I travel a lot, especially to high mountains. I made several treks in the high mountains of Nepal, India and Americas. Two years ago, I spend my holydays in Cordillera Blanca, Peru. For the first time, I was accompanied with my whole family. We planed to do Santa Cruz – Llanganuco trek. My wife and both teenage kids are rather inexperienced in high mountains. Therefore, I looked for experienced guides for safe, but still adventurous experience; and I found that in Holmes Pantoja – Apu and his team. I liked his professional attitude, very good organization of the trek, but still relaxed, friendly atmosphere. I can strongly recommend him.

Chatting with Apu in long evenings during the Cordillera Blanca trek I learned a lot from his mountaineering experiences. I got very interested in climbing Aconcagua under his guidance, and I used the first opportunity to join him. In February I managed to summit Aconcagua. The expedition of 6 mountaineers from Slovenia lead by Apu was very well organized. He made very good plan for our acclimatization. I believe Apu is one of the best guides in the region. With his incredible physical fitness and broad climbing experiences, he is the right person one would like to have around, if something goes wrong on a high mountain.

Date: March 20, 2009
Name:Darko Makovec
Location: Slovenia

Message: For a long time I had a dream to visit Aconcagua and on February this year it became true.  A group of six Slovenes decided to visit Andes and if possible to reach the summit of Aconcagua. On 7th February we came to Mendoza and the 'adventure' began.

 We had the best possible guides - Holmes Pantoja (Apu) and Carlos Caluppe. They wanted to prepare all of us to reach the summit and we agreed with them very well. We had very good acclimatization and I'm sure that we would be more successful, if the weather would not change right during the days when we had a plan for acclimatization in Nido de Condores. So, our guides and the strongest members of our group, Bernard and Darko, decided to go directly to the summit in one day and they reached it. Some of us didn't fill enough good and returned to Mulas, but we were not disappointed. I had some problems with very high blood pressure and I didn' have medications with me, so I had to return (together with my friend Helena) to Mulas and visit a doctor.

I was very happy for Bernard and Darko who reached the summit and we can say, that our group was successful.
For me, Aconcagua was one of my best experiences and I enjoyed every day.  For me the mountains are the best place for relaxing the body and the mind. We were also one pleasant group without disagreement between us and between our guides. Holmes and Carlos are professional but friendly guides who tried to help everyone to feel good and healthy. They also presented us many interesting things in Andes - climate change, erosion, nature protection, hard conditions of life in mountains etc. Aconcagua gave us a lot of new knowledge and it was a very nice experience for each of us.
I recommend everyone to visit Aconcagua and if possible – with Inkatravelguides Holmes and Carlos.

Marjeta Natek, geographer sociologist

Date: February 2, 2009
Name:Marjeta Natek
Location: Slovenia

Message: A week before going on Santa Cruz trekking I have twisted my ankle and therefore I was thinking of skipping this part of my travel in Peru. But since I love trekking in a pure nature I have to say that this would be one of the biggest mistakes in my life. Apu and his team have provided everything to make my first Cordillera Blanca trekking as enjoyable as possible. I would recommend it to everyone who likes treks in the unspoiled nature among mountains with perfect views all way along.

Date: 2009/1/19
Name: Škrbec Polona
Location: Slovenia

Message: Thank you for a fantastic trek and ice climbing sessions! We had a brilliant time on the Santa Cruz trek, enjoying everything from the suoerb scenery to the tasty cuisine. You were very well organized and professional, as evident from your website and I hope we have the opportunity to return in the near future to your beautiful part the country and try another route you recommend! Many thanks once again, Monica Hrabovsky

Name: Monica Hrabovsky
Location: Aberdeen

Message: “I can highly recommend Apu as a guide. I climbed Aconcagua with him in December 2006 and received very excellent service, and close attention to our health and comfort. Apu was great and went out of his way to make our trip really special. Apu(Holmes Pantoja) is the guide to use when climbing Aconcagua or any other mountain!.”

Date: 01-12-2006
Name: Richard Beek
Location: Bahamas USA

Message:Un grand merci a Apu pour les quelques jours passes ensemble a grimper sur les parois de granit de Los Arenales, magnifique site descalade situe au sud de Mendoza. Souvenirs imperissables de la route El condor pasa! Apu est un excellent guide de haute montagne qui travaille avec grandprofessionalisme, je vous le recommande vivement! noemi.
Name: Noemi
Location: Ginebra

Message: This was my first time above 4500m and also my first time climbing on snow and ice.Holmes was very understanding of this,and went a tour speed whilst at the same time encouraging us onward , and upward¡ he was very professional at all times,and I felt 100% safe having him as my guide Great guide and caracter muchas gracias¡ Phil
Name: Phill
Location: Guernsey,C.I, U.KInka Travel Guides

Message: Bueno yo estuve en una excursion con .Holmes Pantoja y todo se paso super bien.era mi primera montaña y con Holmes era perfecto.el sabe esperar y saber medir el ritmo del cliente.siempre esta listo para ayudar o para responder las preguntas. su trabajo es muy profesional y su actitud super chevere.,el conoce la montaña y para mi es lo mas importante un de los mejores guias que encontre ¡¡un Bacan¡¡ muchas gracias Yvann 11 junio 2001.
Name: Yvann
Location: Quebec

Message: Holmes nos guio en el trek de 4 dias ,durante estos dias fue una persona muy simpatica , educada ,divertida ,siempre dispuesta conocedora de las montañasademas cuenta buenas historias. es un tio divertidoy un super profesional y un gran guia un fuerte abrazo seguro que volveremos.
Name: Javy & Beatriz
Location: Burgos-España

Message: Caminata de la quebrada de Santa cruz de 3 días. Fue todo un placer con el buen guía, Holmes en Huaraz. Un buen amigo después de esa azañan que quisimos que fuera en 2 dias. Lo cual fue posible gracias al guía quien cumplió con sus acertadas pautas. Les recomiendo al amigo Holmes Pantoja, buen guía. Quien sabe por experiencia y por estudio. Huaraz, único en el mundo con sus cordilleras Negra y Blanca Huaraz, con los nevados más bellos del mundo.
Location: Lima

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