Holmes Pantoja, a/k/a The Man with the Golden Adz, is hands down the best guide in the business. Holmes made our most recent trip to the Cordillera Blanca an unforgettable experience. For the trip Holmes handled all logistical issues, including domestic flights within Peru, arranging for a chef, mules and all other niceties to make a strenuous climb of Vallunaraju and Tocllaraju (we summited both peaks) that much more enjoyable. Not only did he handle everything with ease, his guiding skills are second to none. At no point on this trip did I feel that anything was askew. Holmes is professional (taking safety and client well being very seriously), skillful, level-headed, down to earth, has a wonderful sense of humor and is full of patience. Not even a local strike, which would have derailed a trip with any major US guiding service, prevented us from losing any momentum. Holmes executed the entire trip with the utmost professionalism and flawlessness that I am positive I will never have a better climbing experience except when I do it with him again which will be in the very near future!

Name: Robert Sommers
e-mail: mtn0670@yahoo.com
Location: USA

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