Paracas National Reserve


Paracas is located in the department of Ica in the Province of Pisco 250 km south of Lima, Peru.
Paracas is a small town and district, but is best known for the
Paracas national park and wildlife reserve. It is one of Peru’s largest attractions for both foreign and Peruvian tourists
The tourist attractions include the Ballesta Islands (birds, sealions, Humboldt penguins and occasionally dolphins), the national reserve (museum, Paracas culture, wildlife and beautiful coastline)

The sea of Paracas is considered the lungs of the Pacific ocean because of the pureness and oxygenation originated in its waters. Another peculiarity of the area are the strong wind called “Paracas” reaching speeds of up to 21 miles per hour. Added to tits natural beauty, Paracas is a very important archaeological and historical site, home to the advanced cultures that flourished in Peru 1,000B.C., know worldwide by the exquisite textiles with combination of many colors and stylized deign, and by the practice of brain surgery and cranial trepanation. The Paracas coast was also the place where libertador San Martin disembarked to initiate the liberation from Spain.

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