For a long time I had a dream to visit Aconcagua and on February this year it became true.  A group of six Slovenes decided to visit Andes and if possible to reach the summit of Aconcagua. On 7th February we came to Mendoza and the ‘adventure’ began.

We had the best possible guides – Holmes Pantoja (Apu) and Carlos Caluppe. They wanted to prepare all of us to reach the summit and we agreed with them very well. We had very good acclimatization and I’m sure that we would be more successful, if the weather would not change right during the days when we had a plan for acclimatization in Nido de Condores. So, our guides and the strongest members of our group, Bernard and Darko, decided to go directly to the summit in one day and they reached it. Some of us didn’t fill enough good and returned to Mulas, but we were not disappointed. I had some problems with very high blood pressure and I didn’ have medications with me, so I had to return (together with my friend Helena) to Mulas and visit a doctor.

I was very happy for Bernard and Darko who reached the summit and we can say, that our group was successful.
For me, Aconcagua was one of my best experiences and I enjoyed every day.  For me the mountains are the best place for relaxing the body and the mind. We were also one pleasant group without disagreement between us and between our guides. Holmes and Carlos are professional but friendly guides who tried to help everyone to feel good and healthy. They also presented us many interesting things in Andes – climate change, erosion, nature protection, hard conditions of life in mountains etc. Aconcagua gave us a lot of new knowledge and it was a very nice experience for each of us.
I recommend everyone to visit Aconcagua and if possible – with Inkatravelguides Holmes and Carlos.


Marjeta Natek, geographer sociologist

Name:Marjeta Natek
Location: Slovenia

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