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"I can highly recommend Apu as a guide. I climbed Aconcagua with him in December 2006 and received very excellent service, and close attention to our health and comfort..."



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Inka travel guides

Mountaineering school

Climbing School is a sport that is growing in popularity every year; some are attracted by curiosity, entertainment or by a desire to pursue other activities in the mountains. Traditional Climbing takes place in a mountain environment without the prior equipping of routes with protection or anchors, the climber advances placing his protection equipment (friends, stoppers, rock pitons, etc.) as he goes.

Sport Climbing is a variation of Traditional Climbing in which the routes are previously equipped with bolts for the climbers' protection; this enables the sport to be enjoyed with a higher degree of safety, minimizing the risk of accidents.

Inka Travel Guides


We offer a basic introductory course to introduce beginners to the sport. Topics covered include:


  • Familiarization with equipment: rope, harness, carabiners, pitons, etc.
  • Practice and use of knots and anchors.
  • Technical order.
  • Energy saving techniques.


Visualization. Where to look?.

  • Top-roped climbing.
  • Lead climbing.
  • Use of equipment in Traditional Climbing.
  • In these courses we make use of routes that have bolted by our own guides to ensure your safety and well-being

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Inka travel guides

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Inka travel guides

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Inka travel guides