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Vallunaraju mountain Cordillera Blanca
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Vallunaraju (5686m)

Mount Vallunaraju is the nearest snow-capped peak to Huaraz. Its twin summits can easily be seen looming high above the city. It is an excellent training and acclimatization peak for mountaineers planning to climb higher peaks in the Cordillera Blanca. And being one of the easiest summits in the range (along with Urus, Ishinca and Pisco), it is perfect for novice climbers looking for their first experience on snow and ice. It is also possible to ski all year round on its lower glacier. Although not as high as its neighbours - Mount Ranrapalca (6162m), Pucaranra (6156m) and Palcaraju (6274m) - Mount Vallunaraju still has superb views from its summit.


Day 1: Drive from Huaraz (3100m) to Llaca (4350m). Duration: 3 hours

Day 2: Trek from Llaca to Moraine Camp (4890m). Duration: 6 hours.

Day 3: Climb from Moraine Camp to Vallunaraju Summit (5686m), and return to Llaca. Drive back to Huaraz. Duration: 9 hours.


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