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Inka Travel Guides
About us

Inca Travel Guides was founded by a group of dedicated professionals with a complementary range of skills including mountaineering, rock climbing and kayaking. We believe that travel should be a rewarding experience for both the traveller and the local communities. And as nature lovers we consider preserving the natural beauty and state of the areas we travel to essential. Our speciality is sustainable tourism: we want to show the world the wonders South America has to offer, while at the same time preserving them. Through our vast experience, local knowledge and professionalism, we have designed itineraries that make the most out of the regions we visit. Our highly experienced and qualified guides possess a genuine passion for travel and a desire to share it with you.

To conduct successful and safe trips thanks to our experienced, knowledgeable, professional and adequately qualified mountain guides, fluent in several languages.

To ensure we remain leaders in our industry, providing our customers with a high quality service resulting in our customers’ complete satisfaction and trust.

Inka Travel Guides