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Inka Travel Guides

was founded by a group of dedicated professionals with a complementary range of skills including mountaineering, rock climbing and kayaking. We believe that travel should be a rewarding experience for both the traveller and the local communities. And as nature lovers we consider preserving the natural beauty and state of the areas we travel to essential. Our speciality is sustainable tourism: we want to show the world the wonders South America has to offer, while at the same time preserving them. Through our vast experience, local knowledge and professionalism, we have designed itineraries that make the most out of the regions we visit. Our highly experienced and qualified guides possess a genuine passion for travel and a desire to share it with you.

To conduct successful and safe trips thanks to our experienced, knowledgeable, professional and adequately qualified mountain guides, fluent in several languages.
To ensure we remain leaders in our industry, providing our customers with a high quality service resulting in our customers’ complete satisfaction and trust.


All our mountain guides have successfully completed a rigorous course in high mountain guiding and safety, and are internationally certified by UIAGM / IFMGA (the International Federation of Mountain Guide Association), which represents the highest standard of training for professional mountain guides. All our guides have extensive high-altitude mountain experience, including the ascents of Mount Aconcagua (South America’s highest peak at 6962m), Mount Huascaran (Peru’s highest peak at 6768m), Mount Alpamayo (5947m), and Mount Huayna Potosi (Bolivia’s highest peak at 6088m).

All our staff are adequately qualified and experienced, and hold the necessary skills required to do their job to a high standard. They are paid a fair wage and treated with respect, because we believe that maintaining a good relationship with our staff is key to the success of our activities.

We provide the necessary good quality, specialized equipment for all activities, including trekking and mountaineering (tents, kitchen tent, toilet tent, tables, chairs, etc).

We have a low client-to-guide ratio.

We have high porter support.

We offer an excellent service in camp, making sure that you feel as comfortable as possible at all times.

We offer the best acclimatization program, to ensure you do not suffer from Acute Mountain Sickness.

Our past customers can provide references.

We only use vehicles in excellent working conditions. The type of transport we use varies according to road conditions and the number of people on the trip. We use a 4X4 or a minivan to transport our customers to the start/finish of their trip.

We provide plenty of varied, healthy, high-energy, good-quality food, which is ideal for rigorous activity.

We specialize in designing personalized trips and courses that involve activities such as mountaineering, trekking, rock and ice climbing, and jungle expeditions. We have 12 years of experience leading trips throughout South America. Private trips can also be arranged, often for little more than our regularly scheduled departures. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding customized departures or private guiding.

We have a perfect safety record. We have not had any injuries or accidents in 12 years of operations. Your safety is our highest priority. We were the first company to carry satellite phones on all of our trips and continue to do so. We always carry a group medical kit including a pulse oximeter and radio VHF.

We care deeply about the environments that we travel to and the communities we encounter. We try to minimize the impact of our presence, through an understanding that the places we visit are someone else’s home and that we should leave them as we would like to find them. We want local communities to benefit from our visit. We run all our trips in as responsible manner as possible, socially, culturally, economically and environmentally.

We guarantee that you will experience the trip of a lifetime in comfort and safety.
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